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Project Description


MemoryLane Senior Tablet – “let’s care for each other”

MemoryLane is the world’s most easy-to-use senior tablet in a unique luxury photo frame linked to MemoryLane Companian App’s, which can be placed on their smartphone without restriction by the direct environment. Through the MemoryLane Companion App, the immediate environment and the (home) care organization can communicate digitally and provide support for parents, grandparents and clients.

MemoryLane contains an intelligent (AI) digital personal photo album including a postcards module, a special family diary, unique “Golden Years” music, TV & video channels, a personal intelligent (AI) Fitavie exercise program, a direct help button for personal video support and of course delicious video calling with children and grandchildren. This product promotes communication between grandparents, parents and children, combats loneliness, supports and facilitates contacts between clients and (home) care and allows seniors to move digitally healthier on a personal level.

MemoryLane is a great gift to give and even more fun to get!