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Project Description

RedCat: Educational Games

RedCat: De Razende Rekenrace (1996), RedCat: De Spannende Stedentocht (1997), RedCat: De Woeste Woordenbrij, RedCat: Het Levende Kleurboek, RedCat: De Toffe Tijdreis, RedCat: Het Machtige Monumenten Mysterie, RedCat: De Europese Stedentocht, RedCat: De Brutale Bankroof, Redcat: De Duistere Dierendiefstal. RedCat: De Snelle Sommenrace. RedCat: De Reusachtige Letterraket, RedCat: De Knallende Komeet, RedCat Spookkasteel (1997), RedCat Superkarts (2000)

Back in 1991, RedCat was conceived. Then an arcade style platform game it featured a cat with a helmet chasing mice.


Later at Davilex, RedCat became a popular edutainment character. The RedCat megapack was a hit in the stores and at schools. Combining high-quality gaming with education and a good backstory.